The Case of the 2 Million Context Switches

This week I was in Denver, CO handling a high CPU performance issue with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2. The customer was seeing very high CPU utilization even when BizTalk doesn’t have any real work do to, so this was a bit of a mystery and a challenge. I like challenges. 😉 Symptoms: High processor…


The Case of the Add-on Crashers

While on "vacation" in Ohio last month, a good friend of mine called me up saying that Internet Explorer is crashing and unusable, so I asked him to bring his computer over for a look. The Problem/Symptoms First, I wanted to confirm what he was saying, so I opened up Internet Explorer. Sure enough, it…


The Case of the Enormous Page File

Introduction It seems like every time I deliver the Vital Signs workshop (a Windows architecture course focused on performance analysis patterns) lately, we always have a great discussion about proper sizing of the page file. There is a lot of bad information floating around on the internet about how to size the page file on…


The Case of the Relentless Cookie Monster

Introduction Okay, I’m finally back from my 3 weeks of vacation. We went back to Dayton, Ohio to visit family and friends and had a great time. I wasn’t onsite with any customers, but inevitably I had plenty of computer problems to solve. Some people avoid helping friends and family with computer problems, but actually…


The Case of the Phantom Hard Page Faults

I am teaching this week, so I figured I would talk about a case I had a few months ago. I have *plenty* of war stories to share, so I can certainly keep this weekly blog going for a long time. 😉 I’m a big fan of Mark Russinovich and David Solomon, so you may…


The Case of the High CPU Web Server

This week I was off to Phoenix, AZ again, but for a different customer this time. Phoenix is very hot this time of year – I think it got to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit hot enough to literally cook an egg on the sidewalk and likely burn it. 😉 When I got the dispatch for…


The Case of the Out of Memory BizTalk Server

About a month ago, I was conducting a BizTalk Health Check for a customer (yes, Microsoft BizTalk Server is one of my other specialties along with several others) where the BizTalk server has been running slower than expected. They noticed Out of Memory exceptions in the event logs, but since BizTalk doesn’t loose messages and…


Another Case of the Missing PTEs

I did an IIS Health Check (IISHC) this week and found another 32-bit Windows 2003 web server that was out of System PTEs. This blog entry talks about how we resolved this issue. I detected this issue by looking at the boot.ini file which is one of the validations we do in the IISHC. The…


The Case of the Missing PTEs

It was a dark and stormy night… actually it was sunny and clear, but just thought I’d start this blog series like a classic novel. 🙂 This is the first blog entry of my new blog related to my job. I made a mistake when creating my first one and ended up using my full…


Starting my blog off again

I’m re-starting off my Windows Performance blog here. I originally wanted my full name of clint_huffman, but that is too long, so I’m using ClintH now which fits with everything else such as my email account and twitter. I will be posting a series on how to troubleshoot Windows Performance issues soon here.