TrustedInstaller.exe is slain by Vista SP1!

<rhetorical question>Having performance on your Vista laptop and a disk queue length of about 20?</rhetorical question>

This week has been a particularly bad week where the TrustedInstaller.exe was wreaking havoc on my disk so much that my laptop was unusable for minutes at a time… nothing new, but extremely irritating. I typically disable and kill it, but it was getting very aggressive this week despite my best efforts. In desperation, I updated the BIOS, all of my device drivers and the problem still persisted. Finally, I installed the Vista SP1 (beta) RC1 last night (2 hours to download and 1 hour to install). I am *very* happy to say that my laptop is running great – best I have ever seen it! Furthermore, I’ve been watching out for TrustedInstaller.exe using Process Monitor ( and it appears to been pacified. I hope this will continue to be the case.

In any case, I wanted to pass on the news that better performance is just a few clicks (and lots of time) away. 😉

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