Introducing Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010

From Ariel Katz, Director of Program Management:

I am pleased to announce that Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 Beta is publicly available for everyone to download.

FEP, the next generation release of Forefront Client Security, will simplify and improve endpoint protection while greatly reducing infrastructure costs. It builds on System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2, enabling you to use the existing client management infrastructure to deploy and manage endpoint protection.  This shared infrastructure lowers ownership costs while providing improved visibility and control over endpoint management and security.

Key new features that you will be able to evaluate in this beta release are:

  • Integration with Configuration Manager -  Single interface for managing and securing endpoints reduces complexity and improves troubleshooting and reporting insights.

  • New Antivirus Engine -  Highly accurate and efficient threat detection protects against the latest malware and rootkits with low false positive rate.  

  • New behavioral threat detection -  Protection against “unknown” or “zero day” threats provided through behavior monitoring, emulation, and dynamic translation.

  • Dynamic Cloud Updates: On-demand signature updates from the cloud for suspicious files and previously unknown malware

  • Windows Firewall management -  Ensures Windows Firewall is active and working properly on all endpoints, and allows administrators to more easily manage firewall protections across the enterprise.

The download is available now on our download center ( and I invite you to install and test in your environment today. We look forward to hearing what you think. 

Ariel Katz, Director of Program Management

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  1. Hello,

    This prerelease version of FEP 2010 can be installed on a Configuration Manager site server that is using either SQL Server Standard Edition or SQL Server Enterprise Edition. For more information on the requirements for Configuration Manager R2, see SQL Server Site Database Configurations here:…/ee344146.aspx

    For the FEP 2010 beta documentation, including the release notes, see…/ff823816.aspx


  2. Hello! Thanks for the great questions folks!

    We have a TechNet forum that can be used to get answers to your questions, where you can communicate with the Product Team and CSS. Head over to…/threads

    For the immediate questions, see below:

    For the Config Manager licensing question: We will announce the licensing details for FEP closer to RTM. As we have previously announced, FEP will require Config Manager for central management of endpoint security.  If you are not a licensed user of Config Manager (through stand-alone purchase, Core CAL, or Enterprise CAL), then you will have to acquire those licenses separately.

    For Tommy: Enabling NIS signatures is done as part of the FEP policy, next to the real time protection setting. Note that NIS is not visible as part of the New Policy wizard. You need to click and open the policy.

    For HSChronic: the plan is to support FEP on Config Manager vNext.

    For John: For instructions on how to configure updates with FEP and Configuration Manager, see…/ff848258.aspx – Distributing Definitions to Forefront Endpoint Protection Clients.

  3. Hello folks,

    Please direct your product questions over to the support forum for FEP:…/threads


  4. As a non-SCCM customer, does MS suggest we must now license SCCM for all our users, in addition to FEP, or will there be some sort of FEP/SCCM bundle for non-SCCM customers?  Or, will FEP grant some sort of limited-use license for SCCM?  I look forward to this question hopefully being answered here or in the forthcoming TechNet webcast next week.

    Thank you.

  5. ricdgr says:

    SQL Standard is not supported? Only Enterprise? Ouch!

  6. IL says:

    Are any readme.txt or release notes files on how to install from are available with FEP 2010 Beta?

  7. Tommy says:

    Is there a way to enable the Network Inspection Signatures?

  8. HSChronic says:

    Will this product work with SCCM vNext? I would hate to get too involved with the new product only to find out that it won't work with this one.

  9. John says:

    Where is the documentation on how to get updates to FEP clients in a SCCM integrated environment? The process for FCS wasn't very good and I was hoping to see some improvement in FEP.

  10. CSS Dave says:

    Since FEP uses SCCM's DCM to aquire information from the clients (malware infections, last scan time) wouldn't that cause significant delays in reporting? Also, when the DCM runs on the client to gather the information(number of virus's found, etc..), would XML Data files be sent to the server or are they just system state messages?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why on God's green earth would you name your product after a competitor's product (Symantec Endpoint Protection)?

  12. paul says:

    @Anonymous – "Endpoint Protection" as a concept has been around longer than Symantec's product.  It's no different than someone picking "AntiVirus" as a name for their product.

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