TechNet Wiki went live on Wednesday

Hi folks,

I know I’ve blogged about this earlier, but I wanted to take time to note that the TechNet Wiki is now officially open for business.

What do I mean by ‘open for business’?

If you head over to TechNet’s website, you’ll see a new tab available:


Click that tab, and it takes you to the newly-redesigned TechNet Wiki home page:


Everyone can contribute to this effort - all you have to do is join. Start a whole new article, add your knowledge or draw from your experience to improve an existing article. You can start small or large...

Join us:

Comments (2)

  1. Hi there Lorin!

    Can you head over to…/contactus.aspx

    And submit more details on this issue? That way we can get a repro – we cannot seem to repro the issue you describe.


  2. Lorin Thwaits says:

    Anyone else find that this Wiki and the forum are almost unusable in Chrome?  I've got a 1600×1200 screen and get a horizontal scrollbar when hitting either one.  Could it be designed only to work on screens with Full HD, 1920 pixels wide???  The font sizes are atrociously large.

    Other parts of the site render fine.  Well, the library is left-justified and everything else centered, but still the rest of the TechNet site works and has appropriate-sized fonts.  Just not the Wiki and Forums.  I shudder to think that maybe this is the nature of "Metro" — use really large fonts and consume all possible screen real estate.

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