FCS KB 976668 and 976669 fail to install on Windows 2000 when the installation is run as Local System

We’re tracking an issue where the latest FCS antimalware client update won’t install on Windows 2000 when the installation is run as Local System (i.e. Automatic Updates installing at 3am).


When this issue occurs, the update uninstalls the previous version of the antimalware client, and then tries to install the new version and fails, leaving the system without the antimalware service.


Workarounds are to decline the updates (976669 is the FCS slipstream client) and make sure that the previous FCS antimalware updates are approved (971026 and original FCS client), or run the install interactively as a logged on user.


Again, this only affects Windows 2000 when the updates are installing non-interactively as the Local System account (via Microsoft Update, WSUS, SMS, or Configuration Manager)


As an interim fix, we’re working to change the detection logic on Microsoft Update and WSUS so that the update isn’t offered to Windows 2000 systems, and will post an update when we have a more permanent fix to the problem.



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  1. Dominique says:


    I have the error on KB976668 could not be installed but on a Windows Server 2003???

    Has any solution be found?



  2. Hi there!

    Thanks for the question! We’ve not heard any reports of issues with this update and Windows Server 2003. I suggest opening a support case with our support folks using one of the methods in the following page:



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