The Microsoft Forefront Client Security Health Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 SP1 has been released!

While you’ve always had the ability to use MOM 2005 to monitor things like IIS and SQL for your Client Security servers, this management pack gives you the additional ability to monitor some key FCS services:


  • Definition Import Failure

  • Microsoft Client Security Update Assistant service—That’s the service that allows WSUS 2.0 to be configured to receive updates every hour rather than just once a day. For those of you running WSUS 2.0, you’ll be glad to have the ability to monitor this!

  • Forefront Client Security Management service—This service is important because it parses antimalware definitions and adds the information to the collection database table fcs_Threat_Metadata_tbl. And that table is not only read by the management console when you set overrides based on threat, it’s also used by FCS reporting for information about specific threats.

I should clarify; the management pack is installed in your MOM 2005 environment to extend existing MOM functionality, not on your FCS servers.  

Of course, loading the management pack doesn’t impact how you’ll be monitoring your client computers. In other words, you won’t need to redeploy your implementation in order to add this additional monitoring functionality. You’ll continue to use the Client Security consoles you’re familiar with for your client monitoring. The Health Management pack is just for monitoring your FCS servers, not client computers. And just for environments that choose to implement a MOM 2005 monitoring solution. (notice, it’s a MOM 2005 management pack, not a SCOM  management pack, just in case you were wondering “Hey, will this work with SCOM?”)

The FCS management pack is ready for download at this location:

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