TechEd 2007 US is over….

And I am fully recovered.  In case you have never been to TechEd, it is one of the premiere learning events in the technical world.  And an exercise in:

  • “Drinking from the fire hose”, so to speak – the sheer volume of knowledge shared at TechEd is, at times, overwhelming!
  • Walking great distances (comfortable shoes are a must!).
  • Meeting TONS of very, very, very, smart attendees.
  • Becoming friends with TONS of very, very, very, smart attendees.

TechEd 2007 was in Orlando, Florida this year, at the Orange County Convention Center.  The OCCC is one of the largest convention centers in the world, and if you attended TechEd this year, you felt every foot of it.  J  We were lucky to have wonderful weather this year as well, punctuated with some typical afternoon Florida rainfall.

Our product team had a WONDERFUL debut at our first TechEd.  Sessions were full, and the Technical Learning Centre (TLC) area sessions were standing room only.  Our Hands on Labs got great satisfaction scores – we’re really glad you liked them. 

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and asking very thoughtful and interesting questions.  One of the best things about TechEd is the personal interaction we get to have with customers.  We love to hear from you, and TechEd is a great arena for one on one interaction with product teams.  We loved the excitement and interest you showed when stopping by the booth.

Some frequently occurring quick questions:

  • So what is this whole Forefront thing?  Forefront is our comprehensive line of business security products.  More information?  See
  • What is Forefront Client Security?  FCS is the Microsoft solution for antimalware defense.
  • Is this the same thing as One Care?   Not really.  FCS uses the same antimalware engine as One Care, but FCS adds a centrally managed antimalware solution with security state assessment technology and enterprise level reporting.
  • Is Client Security a centrally managed solution?   YES
  • How do I get the software on my client computers?   An extremely easy way is to create a Client Security policy, using the Client Security Management console, and then deploy it to your target clients.  Once they receive the policy, they will download and install the Client Security agent from WSUS.
  • What type of clients can I put this on?   Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, and Windows Vista Business, Ultimate or Enterprise.  x64 editions of Windows XP and Vista are supported.
  • When will I be able to get FCS?   July 1st, but you can download the evaluation now! (
  • Case studies?   We got ‘em (

Those are some of the most frequent questions we fielded.  If you have any other questions, please visit our newsgroups ( – we read and answer the questions here on a regular basis.

I have been to many, many TechEds, but this was my first as a Microsoft employee.  I have to say – this was the best TechEd for me, because this time, when I spoke to fellow attendees, the feedback I received had more meaning! 



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