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My name is Kim and I’m a Technical Writer here at Microsoft for Forefront Client Security.  I’m a recent hire to the team – before I came here I was an independent consultant in the ITPro arena and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.  My recent firsthand experiences of installing and configuring various items (including many varieties of AV software) made me acutely aware that troubleshooting guides are a must have. Troubleshooting can be one of the most frustrating experiences when installing, configuring, and using software, and a good troubleshooting guide is invaluable when there is a need to fix something. 


Working with the product team and support personnel, I’ve written a brief Troubleshooting Guide for the Client Security public beta.  This is a first run at this topic, and content in it will evolve and grow as Client Security nears launch, and beyond.It is my goal to maintain this document with the most up to date information possible.


We welcome your feedback on all our documentation – tell us how we’re doing!  Please send feedback for the Troubleshooting Guide or any of the Client Security documentation to with the subject of “Microsoft Forefront Client Security Feedback:  “ and the title of the guide.



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