The 64-bit bits are here

Last week was a very busy one for the team.  At our public beta launch at IT Forum in Barcelona, we were being constantly asked if 64-bit clients were included in the beta.  We had a very simple, consistent response… “The product team is working hard to complete the release of our 64-bit clients.  We are wrapping up some last minute validation and investigations, but expect them to be available very soon.”

Well, I am very happy to say that “very soon” has come and that the 64-bit clients are now available for download.  Please take them for a test-drive!  The installation package is for use with the Microsoft Forefront Client Security public beta release that was published earlier last week.




[12/13/2006] The download link above is now updated to point to the current full release that has completed 64-bit clients. 

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