Deploy Global File Sharing for Collaboration Using Microsoft Azure StorSimple and Talon CloudFAST™

By Meghan Liese, Senior Product Manager, StorSimple Industry analysts estimate around 80% of an organization’s data is unstructured and growing at a rapid rate. Enterprises are looking to leverage the cloud to simplify IT infrastructure and scale IT to align with business needs while lowering costs related to storing, protecting and recovering their data. Microsoft…


Microsoft Announces General Availability for the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Array

March 2, 2016 By Meghan Liese, Senior Product Marketing Manager, StorSimple   Today’s enterprises are embracing digital transformation and are strategically defining revenue generating experiences as a key strategy to their growth. A byproduct of this rapid transformation is massive amounts of business data that is experiencing a double digit increase every year. This has…


Data Mobility: Defying The Law of Data Gravity With StorSimple

October 22, 2015 By Tom Trainer, StorSimple Product Marketing Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 series and a whole lot about hybrid cloud storage and the revolutionary innovation that StorSimple has delivered to the storage market.  I’ve also been thinking about data and how data is very much like…


StorSimple: Acceptance, Innovation and Update 1 Release

May 27, 2015 By Guru Pangal, General Manager, Hybrid Cloud Storage & Data Protection Today I am excited to announce our first major software release for the StorSimple 8000 series since its launch last summer – StorSimple 8000 series Update 1. In this new release we have included StorSimple deployments in Azure Government clouds and…


From the Customer’s Perspective – Handling Explosive Data Growth

According to the Gartner Group, enterprise IT ‘s biggest challenge today is double-digit data growth.  In fact, data is growing in enterprise storage banks at the alarming average of 40% per year, as estimated by IDC.  Other industry experts place the number even higher. “Data is growing in enterprise IT departments at  50% per year,”…


StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint is now generally available

Today we are excited to announce availability of the StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint (SASP) for the StorSimple solution. The StorSimple Adapter for SharePoint brings the hybrid cloud storage capabilities of Microsoft Azure StorSimple to on premise SharePoint farm deployments. StorSimple's distinctive hybrid storage features such as dynamic capacity expansion to Azure storage, automated off-site data protection…


Shifting up from infrastructure management to data-driven innovation

Woot!  It's a huge day for us at StorSimple/Microsoft!  We are announcing our new Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 series arrays, the StorSimple 8100 & 8600, that integrate with two new Azure services, the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Manager and the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance.  The 8100 and 8600 are hybrid storage arrays in every sense of the…


Devices and services enterprise architectures are happening

As you are probably aware, Microsoft is becoming a “devices & services” company. Don’t assume that devices refer just to phones, tablets and consumer services, because they can also be data center infrastructure products. The same way that client/server architectures reshaped enterprise computing in the 90s, device and service designs will change the future of enterprise IT. The broad…


Whiteboard video overview of the Microsoft hybrid cloud storage solution

Here’s a whiteboard video I made introducing the Microsoft hybrid cloud storage solution. It’s based on the technologies Microsoft acquired with StorSimple and their integration with Windows Azure Storage. Here’s a link to our web page at Microsoft if you want to find out more. [View:]


Hybrid cloud storage with an object storage back end

I attended the Object Storage Summit last week in San Francisco. It was an excellent event with lots of good discussions about object storage – what it is, how people are using it, how is it being sold, is it a feature or a market? In short all the necessary navel-gazing that goes on when a technology…