Manipulating webparts using PowerShell

Hello All, One of my customers is making some changes to there Sites and part of that is to set the owner in a Contact Details webpart, since it is for several site we went and figured out the PowerShell.  The customer changes the title from ‘Contact Details’ to ‘Site Owner’. I wrote this without…


SharePoint Tidbit – MaxTotalSizeInBytes and SharePoint 2016

Hello All, Recently while helping a customer with a SharePoint 2016 install I discovered a change that was made and I didn’t realize in previous versions of SharePoint the Usage data would start to have problems some of it missing due to the issue described here and here. In SharePoint 2016 they have increased the…


SharePoint Tidbit – Changing farm default document behavior for the farm

Hello All, These days I am working with one of my customers to deploy/migrate to SharePoint 2016.  And last week we installed Office Online Servers, and connected them using ‘New-SPWOPIBinding’ command.  At that point he discovered that default value was to Open Online and he wanted the farm to default to the Client on the…


Teams tidbits – Creating team sites programmatically

Hello All, I love automation so I thought this might interest you. First of all the Product group is currently working on the PowerShell to configure and manage teams as you can see from this Road map entry (Currently in Development) but if your feeling impatient and you need to get something started there are…


SharePoint Online and Private CDN

Hello All, Recently was working with a customer and Private CDN’s, when the customer mentioned how awesome it would be if it was simple for end users to use…well poooof that feature just recently hit GA. The feature will sync your document library to the Private CDN and replace the library URL with the CDN…


SharePoint Tidbit – GUI for PowerShell commands

Hello All, Earlier this week I was going thru my RSS feed and found an article about the cmdlet Show-Command and thought it was cool enough that I wanted to tell you about it. This cmdlet allows you to have a GUI for your cmdlet’s so we can get something like this, as you can…


SharePoint Tidbit – Getting the error “Failed to use non CLS compliant type”

Hello All, My customer is currently running MOSS 2007 and as we prepare for there migration, we have created several PowerShell scripts to collect data. One of the script get’s the content database object and when I tried to get the property name of that database I got this error The field/property: “Id” for type:…


Published to HeyScriptingGuy – 7/15/2016

Hello All, Watch for an article I published to HeyScriptingGuy on using PowerShell and SPO.  It is the first article in a series that will walk you thru moving a site collection from an on-prem farm to the cloud using PowerShell. Pax  


What to do once you have disabled the Workflow Cleanup Timer Job

Sooooooo you have figured out that you disabled the Workflow History Cleanup timer job, and now realize the mistake you made…. My customer recently found themselves in that position, this customer had done this to allow a Site Collection to use that data for auditing purposes and as I said a few weeks ago this is…


What port does PowerShell remoting use?

So I had written a script for a customer to update all the SharePoint servers in a farm and then run PSConfig and it worked great (More of that later) but one of the production farms is in the DMZ with firewalls, etc so being able to update all farms from one central machine was…