How to setup a template for Site Collection creation

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Did this research for a customer and wanted to put it here for you and myself...

As we had discussed to be able to create a custom Site Collection template there are a few steps you need to consider after you perform ‘Save as Template’. As well I have added a second method for consideration.

Method #1 

Create your Template by ‘Save as Template’, then edit the solution so that you can change it from Sandbox solution to a Farm solution.

NOTE: A little bit of information about Site Templates, this method does not work in O365.

How to manually edit a SharePoint wsp file

SharePoint 2010 and web templates      (This is true for SP2016)

How to Build a Site Collection Template from A Web Template in SharePoint 2010

Method #2

Instead of creating separate templates for different functionalities you can create an add-in to run and add the desired objects ie List or WebPart.  I recommend you start with this article to understand the basics, then you can start digging into the articles below.

NOTE: This method is supported in O365.

SharePoint Add-ins compared with SharePoint solutions

SharePoint Add-ins

Get started creating SharePoint-hosted SharePoint Add-ins

SharePoint List in SharePoint hosted Add-in


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