SPO Tidbit – Modern Site Analytics and Usage improvements

Hello All,

We will be getting a cool update to SPO that I thought would be of interest to you, this release is comprised of two phases.

What is in Phase 1?

  • Chart of unique viewers over time
  • Chart of site visits over time
  • Trending and Shared externally sections remain the same

It is important to note:

    • Lifetime stats are shown for sites created after February 2018. Sites created before this date will show stats from February 2018 forward.
    • At this time, views are counted for internal, authenticated users only.

What is in Phase 2?

  • Additional entry point to Site Usage Page appears under Gear
  • Top trending items
  • Top items by
  • Top items by view count
  • Shared externally section is re-styled but information remains the same


Phase 1

  • Late April 2018 10% Targeted Release (TR) tenants. Then ramp thru the rest of TR and complete Production after that.

Phase 2

  • The timeline for Phase 2 is still TBD


  1. At what period of time does the analytic and usage data start from? There is no backfill of data. Data was started in October 2017 and we only show the last 90 days’ worth of data.
  2. Can you export the data? No
  3. Where does the data on chart and trending come from? It comes from pages you visit
  4. On the trending items list does it include pages/news? No, it only includes files
  5. Are files shared with anonymous users or files available to users with guest permissions included in shared externally analytics? No

The support page has been updated. Please click Additional Information to learn more.



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