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I was looking thru the O365 Roadmap to understand one of the updates and noticed that MyAnalytics has been updated (See here if your curious about the update) I figured that MyAnalytics doesn’t get much news time even though it is a very important tool in improving the use of our time.

First some quick information about MyAnalytics:

  1. Comes turned on by default for E5 licenses
  2. Protects your privacy, only you can see your data
  3. Used to be called Delve Analytics

There are several ways you can use MyAnalytics, the first of those is to see where your time goes, using your email, contacts, and calendar data it will show you the time where you have focused on tasks and who you collaborate with the most and show how often you work outside of business hours.

Next we can start working to improve ourselves by setting goals like how many meeting hours we will go to, meetings are considered poor use of collaboration time as most people are sending emails and not focusing during that time.

So far MyAnalytics has gathered your data and analyzed it, you have set goals to improve your use of time.  Next MyAnalytics will start telling you how to use your time better like the fact that nobody is reading or only skimming certain emails or that you use time in a recurring meeting to always email people….so why go to that meeting.

And finally let’s talk about the Outlook Add-in the add-in is included automatically with Office 2016 and once you turn on MyAnalytics it will just work in the inbox showing you how to help yourself by cleaning up conflicts, remind you to collaborate with someone that you have not in a while, and provide you with a to-do list based on your data. 

Remember to set who is important so that MyAnalytics can help you collaborate effectively with those people.  Check out these videos and especially enjoy the commercials.

How to use MyAnalytics

My Analytics and Nascar

Learn IT Training

Focus time is yours (Commercial)

Your Calendar is yours (Commercial)


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