Unable to delete file in SharePoint Online

Hello All,

Recently I had a customer contact me with an issue in one of their document libraries, when they tried to delete a group of documents thru the GUI they got the error 'File not Found'.



As well when they tried to access the documents using CSOM they got an error 'Exception calling "ExecuteQuery" with "0" argument(s)" "File Not Found."


The solution in the end was rather manual but very simple, to change the name of the document then delete it via GUI or PowerShell and since it was a small hand full of documents that was what we elected to do.  If you have a large number of documents I would recommend calling support and working with them to clean up the documents.


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  1. What was the couse ? To long names? Some diactrict chars ? Or just bug?

    1. It was so few items that customer opted to manually deal with files instead of work with support to find a solution, it was such an odd ball issue I thought I would put it up to remind myself in the future in case I ever saw it again.

      I did search the internal bug database and several other internal references, so I want to say it is not a bug (or at least not widely hit bug)

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