Opening Visio files from SharePoint 2013/2016/SPO

Hello All, Not sure if your aware but Visio files are considered restricted and you are forced to download before it can be opened in the client application (Including Visio viewer).  This of course is very annoying, you could deal with this in these manners SharePoint 2013/2016: 1.Install Office Online Server and connect SharePoint (New-SPWopiBinding)…


SPO Tidbit – Check out the Sites Web Part

Hello, All To go along with the announcement for the Hub Sites: Sites webpart allows you to automatically show sites associated with a hub site or you can select specific sites to show. Timeline The Sites webpart will be rolling out March 21 (Same time as Hub Sites) to 10% targeted tenants. Pax


SPO Tidbit – Hub Sites are almost here

Hello All, This just passed thru my inbox so I thought I would pass it along. New feature: SharePoint Online hub sites We are excited to release SharePoint Online hub sites, a new building block of the intranet. SharePoint Online hub sites bring together related sites to roll up news and activity, to simplify search,…


SPO Tidbit – New features to support SharePoint Framework

Hello All, Wanted to bring to your attention the release of further support for the SharePoint Framework within SPO and O365. More support for using Graph API and 3rd Party API’s in the SharePoint via the permission feature as outlined here. As well you can read about the new Graph API here. Pax


SPO Tidbit – Change to external users in O365

Hello All, Microsoft is updating the behavior and governance of access by external users in Microsoft Office 365. After 3/23/2018, an external user will see only the content that’s shared with that user or with groups to which that user belongs. External users will no longer see content that’s shared with Everyone, All Authenticated Users, or All Forms…


O365 Tidbit – Naming policy for O365 Groups

Hello All, Another feature that came across my inbox and I thought I would share with you. Now customers can use a Group Naming Policy to enforce a consistent naming strategy for Office 365 Groups in their organization. This naming policy can help to identify the function of the Group, membership, geographic region, or Group…


SPO Tidbit – Search experience

Hello All, This passed across my inbox and I thought it would be great for you to have as it potentially changes the user experience. The search experience in SharePoint Online has been redesigned and streamlined to make it easier to find and filter results. The smarter interface with rich previews enables a customer to…


SPO Tidbit – Compliance Manager

Hello All,  This came thru my inbox so I thought I would share it with you Compliance Manager helps your organizations meet compliance obligations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It performs a real-time risk assessment with a score that reflects your compliance position against data protection regulations when using Microsoft Cloud services,…


Reminder about SQL Aliases

Hello All, Recently I was working with a customer as they migrated between SQL servers, and was implementing a SQL alias and after sending them instructions to implement via Registry key they saw performance issues when they hit approx. 5,000 concurrent user connections.  The problem was that they missed implementing one of the registry keys…


Unable to delete file in SharePoint Online

Hello All, Recently I had a customer contact me with an issue in one of their document libraries, when they tried to delete a group of documents thru the GUI they got the error ‘File not Found’.     As well when they tried to access the documents using CSOM they got an error ‘Exception…