Playing with Cortana on Invoke

Hello All,

I was very surprised and excited to discover that Microsoft has teamed up with Harman kardon and produced a smart speaker with Cortana, the device has been named Invoke.  I personally have been waiting for a device like this so I of course had to buy it 🙂

I got it on Sunday and have started to play with it using the ability to add items to lists and playing music from the online service Iheartradio which was pretty simple, but i have to admit i am considering the paid version of Spotify for improved music selection (However it was awesome watching my oldest yell at Cortana to play Fetty Wap :))

First impressions, the sound is amazing and it is elegant (I have decided to leave it on mantle in TV room), I was surprised by the size as you can see in the image below.

Next I will be setting up the house automation portion so that Cortana can control the temperature and several lights in my house.

I'll let you know how things go as I continue to play with Cortana on Invoke


Comments (3)

  1. Pariksha360 says:

    Hi, playing with Cortana on Infinity is a good choice. (I have decided to leave it on mantle in TV room),

  2. Daniel says:

    Uh, the device is called the Invoke, not the Infinity…

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Thank you for the correction, not sure where my head was that I gave it the wrong name.

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