Merry Christmas and happy holidays

No matter what you celebrate I hope this is a joyous season for you, spent with friends and family. Merry Christmas Pax


Azure Tidbit – Information dump on Flow and PowerApps

Hello All, As mentioned the integration for Flow and PowerApps is coming to SPO shortly, so here is some information to help you dive in First flow is a service to help you automate business process between your favorite apps and this includes SharePoint Online there are many prebuilt templates that you can take advantage…


SPO Tidbit – Yammer app coming to SPO

Hello All, This crossed my lap and I thought it was kind of awesome but we will be releasing a Web Part for SPO that will surface your yammer discussions in your sites. Currently on the roadmap it shows as ‘In Development’ but has an Estimated Release date of Q4 2017 (End of this month),…


O365 Tidbit – Azure On-premises Data gateway

Hello All, The Azure On-premises Data Gateway is designed to facilitate secure communication between cloud resources like PowerApps, Flow, PowerBi and Azure Analysis and your on-prem resources like SQL, Files, or SharePoint.  The gateway has several requirements On-prem server to install the gateway to Tenant id Azure Gateway Cloud Service and Azure Service Bus Opening…


O365 Tidbit – Antivirus protection for SPO and ODfB

Hello All, Another discussion crossed my inbox that I thought I would share. Files are scanned for viruses after they are uploaded. If a file is found to be infected, a property is set so that users can’t download the file from the browser or sync the file in the OneDrive for Business client. Note…


O365 Tidbit – Reminder on restore capabilities for EXO, SPO and ODfB

Hello All, This came into my inbox as a larger discussion so I thought I would compile this information and provide it to you. As a great start when discussing restoring or backing up in Office 365 I would suggest reading thru the Data Resiliency in Office 365 document.  Once done with that article here…


Playing with Cortana on Invoke

Hello All, I was very surprised and excited to discover that Microsoft has teamed up with Harman kardon and produced a smart speaker with Cortana, the device has been named Invoke.  I personally have been waiting for a device like this so I of course had to buy it 🙂 I got it on Sunday…


O365 Tidbit – What office client are you using

Hello All, A customer of mine just got hit by this so I figured I would make sure you saw it again as well. Effective October 13th, 2020, Office 365 will only allow Office client connectivity from subscription clients (Office 365 ProPlus) or Office perpetual clients within mainstream support to connect to Office 365 services….