SharePoint Tidbit – Monitoring SharePoint 2016

Hello All,

Was recently asked about counters so i thought I would list them here for all of us.

\.NET CLR Memory(*)\% Time in GC
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Cache Miss Percentage
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Total Data Size Bytes
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Total Object Count
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Total Client Requests / Sec
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Total Read Requests
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Total Objects Returned
\AppFabric Caching:Cache\Total Write Operations
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Cache Miss Percentage
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Cache Misses
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Data Size Bytes
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Evicted Objects
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Eviction Runs
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Expired Objects
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Failure Exceptions
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Retry Exception
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Client Requests
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Read Requests
\AppFabric Caching:Host\Total Objects Returned
\AppFabric Caching:Secondary\Total Replication Retries
\ASP.NET\Application Restarts
\ASP.NET\Request Execution Time
\ASP.NET\Requests Rejected
\ASP.NET\Requests Queued
\ASP.NET\Worker Process Restarts
\ASP.NET\Request Wait Time
\ASP.NET Applications(*)\Requests/Sec
\LogicalDisk(*)\% Idle Time
\Memory\Available MBytes
\Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use
\Memory\Page Faults/sec
\Memory\Pages Input/sec
\Memory\Page Reads/sec
\Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes
\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec
\Network Interface(*)\Packets/sec
\Paging File(*)\% Usage
\PhysicalDisk(*)\Current Disk Queue Length
\PhysicalDisk(*)\% Disk Time
\PhysicalDisk(*)\Disk Transfers/sec
\PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk sec/Transfer
\Process(*)\% Processor Time
\Process(*)\Page Faults/sec
\Process(*)\Page File Bytes Peak
\Process(*)\Page File Bytes
\Process(*)\Private Bytes
\Process(*)\Virtual Bytes Peak
\Process(*)\Virtual Bytes
\Process(*)\Working Set Peak
\Process(*)\Working Set
\Processor(*)\% Processor Time
\Redirector\Server Sessions Hung
\Server\Work Item Shortages
\System\Context Switches/sec
\System\Processor Queue Length
\Web Service(*)\Bytes Received/sec
\Web Service(*)\Bytes Sent/sec
\Web Service(*)\Total Connection Attempts (all instances)
\Web Service(*)\Current Connections
\Web Service(*)\Get Requests/sec


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  1. A_LexP says:

    Tnx, nice scope of counters! Could you also provide recommended values (Warning/Threshold) for them?

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