SharePoint Tidbit – How to redirect sites for the breakup of a web application

Hello All,

I worked on figuring out what I believe is the best way to redirect Site Collections as my customer worked to break up a large Web Application.  I found many choices and they all have pros and cons, but I  am providing what I liked best.

Using URL Rewrite Module (See support statement

  • Pro - No matter which page they try to hit in Site Collection they will be redirected
  • Pro - Works with Office and Browser
  • Pro - Flexible creation of rules
  • Pro - Can lock site or delete to insure that no one adds content in the wrong place and search results are clean
  • Con - Needs to be installed and configured on each WFE (Can be mitigated thru use of PowerShell or a single IIS server resource being used)

Steps to implement(Redirecting from http://sp2013app01/sites/horse to http://sp2013app01:27443/sites/horse):

Using URL Rewrite

  1. Download and install URL Rewrite to all WFE from here
  2. Log onto each SharePoint server and create your rules, using the following:

- In IIS in Web Site double click on URL Rewrite

- Click on Add Rule then Blank Rule, and Ok

- Under 'Match Url' provide a pattern for IIS to catch using Regular expressions and ignoring the host name (See I used the value horse.*   

- Create a condition to watch for a particular Web Application (or HTTP_HOST) I used the values {HTTP_HOST} and ^sp2013app01$

- Finally create an action I used the values Redirect and http://sp2013app01:27443/{REQUEST_URI} (See for more info about REQUEST_URI)

- Perform IISReset or Disable then Enable the rule

Hope this helps someone else 🙂


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