SharePoint Tidbit – SPO with Power Pivot and other BI stuff

Hello All, Recently I was asked the question “How do you use Power Pivot with SharePoint Online” and the answer is to use Excel 2013 or later, it will get you a basic level of use with Power Pivot and SPO (E1 – E5 License) as suggested by this article (See all Stages but the last…


Removing permissions from a list in MOSS 2007 using PowerShell

Hello Guys, Recently my customer asked me to create a script to remove permissions from a list, specifically it would remove all permissions except for one group that they would designate. Started doing some research and quickly realized that there was no information out there on how to do this, so I did a lot…


SharePoint 2016, SQL 2016 and licensing

Hello All, This is currently not meant to be an exhaustive article, but more of a foot note in my research of SharePoint 2016.  I was recently asked what would be the functionality lose to the BI Stack if a customer installed SQL 2016 Standard license, and so began the chase. Spoke with many people and was pointed…


SharePoint Tidbit – Better way to setup Perfmon tracing

Hello All, Was working with a platform PFE and he provided me with the script that he uses to have customers setup/start/stop perfmon, I thought it was great so did some digging and found a blog that detailed the formatting to use for SharePoint counters. Here is the script I sent to my customer: Logman.exe…


SharePoint Tidbit – GUI for PowerShell commands

Hello All, Earlier this week I was going thru my RSS feed and found an article about the cmdlet Show-Command and thought it was cool enough that I wanted to tell you about it. This cmdlet allows you to have a GUI for your cmdlet’s so we can get something like this, as you can…


SharePoint 2013 – Unable to manage User Profile Connection

Hello All, Recently working with a customer on an issue and since we found the solution, I want to post it here since it took us a bit of digging to find: Symptoms: From the server we were unable to manage the User Profile Connections ie Could not add a filter From a PC we could manage…


SharePoint Tidbit – SharePoint Hybrid book now available

Hello All, A book was just recently released titled “Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities” (Download here this is a great read if you want to understand the integration between SharePoint on-prem and the cloud. As an added bonus one of the authors Manas Biswas is a fellow PFE with an amazing fountain of knowledge,…


SharePoint Tidbit – Getting the error “Failed to use non CLS compliant type”

Hello All, My customer is currently running MOSS 2007 and as we prepare for there migration, we have created several PowerShell scripts to collect data. One of the script get’s the content database object and when I tried to get the property name of that database I got this error The field/property: “Id” for type:…


Published to HeyScriptingGuy – 7/15/2016

Hello All, Watch for an article I published to HeyScriptingGuy on using PowerShell and SPO.  It is the first article in a series that will walk you thru moving a site collection from an on-prem farm to the cloud using PowerShell. Pax