Being published on Hey Scripting Guy

Hello All, I am being published on Hey Scripting Guy blog, with a really cool script that I created for a really cool customer here in North Carolina.  Watch for the blog it will come out on 12/19/2013, I will update this as I know more 🙂 Chris


Mobile access in SharePoint 2013

Hello All, The mobile experience has greatly improved in SharePoint 2013 versus previous versions.  It used to be that you got text and hyperlinks for all browser versions, now you get a very similar experience to your regular browser.  As well the new version of mobile access allows you to create different Master Page/Page Layouts…


Stretched farm and Database replication with SharePoint 2013

Hello All, Recently had a conversation with a customer about how SharePoint 2013 works within a Geographically dispersed environment, and here are the highlights from that conversation. First thing we need to do is review if we actually need to have a geographically dispersed farm or can we actually use a Central Farm due to improvements…


Error: “The workbook cannot be opened" when opening Excel Workbook in browser

Hello All, I was recently working with a customer on an issue with SharePoint 2010 Excel Services, everytime they opened an Excel Workbook in the browser they got the following error message: “The workbook cannot be opened” But if they opened the Workbook in the desktop client they had no problems with it. Based on…


SharePoint Tidbit – Bringing the data to the user

Hello All,, Being able to bring relevant data to the users is more important than ever in this socially connected world, and the best way to do this with SharePoint 2013 is thru the Web Analytics and the recommendations framework With this version of SharePoint we moved Web Analytics from being its own disconnected standalone…


SharePoint Tidbits – SharePoint 2013 Friendly Url’s

Hello All, So raise your hand if you have been sitting there starring at the SharePoint url once you paste it into and e-mail dumbfounded how it can take up 4 lines… I know I have, I’m willing to admit it.  Well the Product Group understands that this is not ideal and have now fixed…


SharePoint Tidbit – Host Named Site Collections are alive and well

Hello All, Catching up on my blog reading and when I saw this blog by Kirk Evans on Host named site collections I felt the need to write. What Every SharePoint Admin Needs to Know About Host Named Site Collections Host named Site Collections have been around for years now but with SharePoint 2013…


SharePoint Tidbits – SharePoint 2013 Display Template

Hello All, In SharePoint 2013 the product group has worked really hard to change the way we consume SharePoint data, trying to make it easy to show relevant data. One of the ways that this being done is the Search Web Parts, and one piece of that web part is the display Template.  This template…


SharePoint Tidbits – Microsoft lab environments

Hello All, Recently while teaching a workshop to a group of Power Users I was asked how could somebody continue to use the lab environment that was made available to them.  Sadly that lab environment was scheduled to be destroyed midnight of the last day of the course. But a PFE I was working with…


SharePoint Tidbits – Table/Database locks – Best Practices

Hello All, If we look at the previous posting about the causes of locks there are some published Best Practices that we should be following to reduce the deadlocks Large Lists ( No more the 2000 items per list view (Recommend using filtered views, if that doesn’t work then force a 2000 limit. Select a column…