Thoughts on Web Analytics in SharePoint 2010 – Part 1

Web Analytics data collection is actually driven by the Usage and Health service, and then it mines the data to help administrators improve their Sites and Search.

To collect data the Usage and Health Service, aggregates the info thru Usage definitions which you can see  in Central Admin.

  1. Sandboxed Requests
  2. Content Import Usage
  3. WorkFlow
  4. Clickthrough usage
  5. Content Export Usage
  6. Page Requests
  7. Feature Use
  8. Search Query Usage
  9. Site Inventory Usage
  10. Sandboxed Requests Monitored Data
  11. Timer Jobs
  12. Rating Usage

Using the Web Analytics Service these results are aggregated into reports at these levels

  1. Web Application
  2. Site Collection
  3. Site
  4. Search Service Application

By Default we have the following reports

  1. Traffic Reports - How many hits a page got, How the user got there, and What browser they used to get there.
  2. Search Reports - What was searched for, top clicks, failed queries, etc
  3. Inventory Reports - What space is being used by who, How many sites you have, What languages those sites use, etc

You can manipulate the Usage Definitions using the PowerShell commands



Thoughts and Suggestions

  • You can set the retention rate for each Usage Definition, I would recommend you leave it at 14 days.
  • As well you can create your own reports by using SharePoint SQL Reporting Services against the Logging database, or 3rd party tools that mine the data for you.


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  1. Hello Mihir,

    I'm sorry for my tardy response, but honestly this is not something that will get resolved over comments.  I would turn up ULS logging and start digging thru that to find a place to start troubleshooting from, I would be looking for issues with permissions, or an error with an object.  I would also verify my config in Central Admin.

    Hopefully you have already solved this but if not hopefully this will help you.

  2. thanks for sharing, good post

  3. Mihir Amin says:

    I can not see below three events.

    Sandboxed Requests, Workflow,Sandboxed Requests Monitored Data

    What could be the problem why i can not see above three events?

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