SharePoint, Yammer, and MicroBlogging in the Enterprise

Hello All, I was recently asked about Yammer and SharePoint integration by a customer and I got some information which I had sent them.   Just for a reference here is that info: Microsoft will be making announcements about the Cloud service it will provide for Yammer on 11/12/2012 There is the possibility to have some integration between…


So I have increased MaxConcurrentAPI for my SharePoint servers, now what?

Recently did some digging for a customer and here are some of the questions and answers that I came up with, as well as info and articles to give more background. Can we prove that setting the MaxConcurrentAPI to 10 is enough for long term performance?  What can we monitor to insure we are not surprised or…


SharePoint Tidbit – SharePoint and Claims

Hello All, Claims has truly found its way into this product, it is becoming the defacto method for authentication in SharePoint 2013.  And you can do some really amazing things with it, and I plan to put out more info about claims in the future, but for now I thought a little bit of knowledge…


SharePoint Tidbit – Debugging tools for the toolbox

Hello All, I’m always looking for ways to make debugging easier…because I’m not very good at it!  But debugging can give you some amazing insights into what is happening on your server or more specifically in memory.  I’m not saying it is step one when you have an issue, but I think it is something…


SharePoint Tidbit – SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

Hello All, Not sure how many of you have looked at SPD recently or have designers who design pages but they had made some changes which made the designers unhappy.  However the story has improved there is a feature in SPS2013 called Design Manager which allows you to convert HTML files into Page Layouts and…


SharePoint Tidbit – Useful articles for SharePoint

Hello All, I was creating a list of articles for a customer and thought I would share them with you guys. Patching SharePoint Tool to help create build documents AutoSPInstaller PowerShell to build Web Applications/Site Collections Maintenance Plan for SQL 2008 SPDiag/SPAdm Toolkit


Need to setup Kerberos in my production farm

Hello All, It seems every time that I have a customer who wants to setup Kerberos, it is into a farm that already exists.  So I had to put these steps together for SharePoint 2010 recently for a customer and thought I would share it with all of you. If your running Windows 2008 you need…


SharePoint Tidbit – Great learning resources for SharePoint 2013

Hello All, Critical Path is providing some great seminars on SharePoint 2013, they are calling it SharePoint 2013 Office hours This is a great opportunity you should check out since they have teamed up very closely with Microsoft right from the beginning to create this training.