SharePoint Tidbit – August 2012 Cumulative Update release for SharePoint

Hello All,

So it is that time again when the SharePoint group releases the Cumulative Updates for all versions of SharePoint, here are the links you need to know

1. Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 cumulative update server hotfix package (WSS server-package): August 28, 2012

2. Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package
(Coreserver-x-none.msp, Svrproof-pt-pt.msp): August 28, 2012

3. Description of the SharePoint Server 2010 cumulative update
package (SharePoint server-package): August 28, 2012;EN-US;2687353

4. Description of the SharePoint Server 2010 cumulative update
package (SharePoint server-package): August 28, 2012;EN-US;268735

5. Description of the Project 2010 hotfix package
(Project-x-none.msp): August 28, 2012

Some things to think of as you plan your update process.

  1. These are packaged updates since the last service pack, do you actually have that Service Pack installed?
    1. SharePoint 2007 is currently at Service Pack 3
    2. SharePoint 2010 is currently at Service Pack 1
  2. These are not regression tested, do you have a strategy to deal with a broken component?
  3. You must run psconfig after installing the bits on each server, do you have enough down time planned?
  4. Do you have valid backups in case you need to rollback?
Comments (2)

  1. Hello Lori,

    I'm sorry if you have had problems with the Cumulative Updates and while I have no plan to stop recommending these updates when I feel they are helpful, Note: I have not recommended all updates.  I understand that there were regressions in the CU's, but those regressions were fixed and re-released with fixes for the problems that were caused.

    If you manage your SharePoint properly, maintain a healthy environment, and patching best practices then even patch regressions should not be a problem.

    Please continue to patch your environments correctly as these Cumulative Updates really do help with Config and Security.

  2. Lori says:

    You should REALLY stop having people update with Aug, Oct and Dec 2012 updates.  They have a huge flaw in them, and the work around available is painful at best.

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