Time to look at Records Management

Definition of Records Management The ISO 15489-1: 2001 standard (“ISO 15489-1:2001”) defines records management as “[the] field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form…


Merry Christmas

Thank you all for following me or just stumbling across me, hope you have a fun and Safe Christmas


Creating custom profile properties in MOSS 2007

Customer was going to create a custom SharePoint property to import info from Active Directory but when they tried to setup the Directory portion they had no connections or attributes to select from.  And saw this message The selection of directory service properties is disabled because the portal is in an untrusted domain or no…


Uploading pictures from SharePoint to Active Directory attribute thumbnailPhoto

My customer recently had some issues exporting Picture from SharePoint My Site to Active Directory using the ThumbnailPhoto attribute.  What was happening is that User Profile Application was not exporting all pictures and Full imports were deleting all pictures that were already in Active Directory. After some research I found a bug in SharePoint that…


Error about corrupted Installation database…what does it mean?

Hello All, I have noticed recently that I have had some several customers all with the same issue, and that is some administrator received an alert that the system drive was low on drive space and they went to fix it. Before I started working for Microsoft there were very few choices, Hard Drives were…


Change Password for Service account in SharePoint

Recently had a customer ask me about how to do this so wrote this little article and thought I would share it with you. SharePoint 2007 There will be two times when you want to reset passwords in MOSS. In a planned fashion possibly due to Domain policy requirements you change the password. When you…


Error exporting picture from UPA to Active Directory

While trying to export the picture from SharePoint My Sites to the Active Directory attribute ThumbnailPhoto my customer was getting the following error Error 8311 in Application logs which contained data like the following An operation failed because the following certificate has validation errors:\n\nSubject Name: CN=mysite.domain.com, OU=App, O=domain.com\nIssuer Name: CN=Company Sub Root CA, OU=App, O=cigna.com\nThumbprint:…


Thoughts on Web Analytics in SharePoint 2010 – Part 2

So continuing down the road of Web Analytics see my Previous post Thought on Web Analytics in SharePoint 2010 – Part 1 The next question my customer asked was about architecture so I have gathered some information here.  We do have some great guidelines around the Web Analytics Databases and SharePoint (See the end for…


Thoughts on Web Analytics in SharePoint 2010 – Part 1

Web Analytics data collection is actually driven by the Usage and Health service, and then it mines the data to help administrators improve their Sites and Search. To collect data the Usage and Health Service, aggregates the info thru Usage definitions which you can see  in Central Admin. Sandboxed Requests Content Import Usage WorkFlow Clickthrough…


Presence Awareness in SharePoint

Hello All, In case you don’t realize the way this works is a web part or page that contains the Presence Indicator, calls an Active X controls that calls the ‘name.dll’ on the users local PC which makes a call to the Lync/OCS API Insure the client machine has the following They are using IE…