How to know what WFE your connected to….with a Load Balancer

So a few days ago a customer asked me how they can figure out which one of their Web Front Ends there user is currently connected to when they are connecting via a Load Balancer and need to do troubleshooting.  And I thought I would write it down here so that everybody can benefit.  …


Arguments what are they good for

If your like me you have slowly (or maybe quickly) been getting frustrated with using arguments in your PowerShell scripts, they have none of the nice built in functionality that function parameters have like Named,  Mandatory, etc.  On the Pro side I am grateful that they are collected into an array so that I can…


Being published on HeyScriptingGuy

Great news on Nov. 12, 2011 I will have an entry published on the HeyScriptingGuy blog, check it out and let me know what you think. Update: Here is the link to my entry on HeyScriptingGuy

Governance is it policing or self-preservation

So I recently was having a discussion with an administrator about their SharePoint 2007 environment, we had discovered that they had many large lists and I was trying to explain how this could cause performance issues within their environment and that governance could help.  The response from the administrator caught me off guard so I…