SPO Tidbit – Create and use Custom Site Designs

Hello All, Moving forward with the new sites in SharePoint Online, the way we customize that site has been changed as well.  First with Site Themes and now with Site Design which is currently rolling out to First Release tenants.  They are simple to use as they are incorporated into the Site creation menu, users…


SharePoint Tidbit – SharePoint Migration Tool

Hello All, As you plan your migration from your on-prem SharePoint farm to SharePoint online, I would like to encourage you to look at the SharePoint Migration Tool being released by Microsoft.  The tool was made generally available 1/9/2018. First we recommend the following hardware for the on-prem tool machine that is performing the migration,…


SharePoint Tidbit – SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool

Hello,  As you plan your migration to the cloud I think it will help you to understand your on-prem farm and the possible issues you will face as you migrate if you run the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool that was created by several PFE’s and now maintained thru the product group. The tool will scan…


Azure Tidbit – Using Azure Information Protection in the Enterprise

Hello All, Saw this video from Ignite and thought I would do a dive on Azure Information Protection and show you some of the great things it can do.  Remember organizations no longer operate within their own perimeter. Data is traveling between users, devices, apps, and services more than ever before. And protecting your perimeter,…


PowerBi Tidbit – Using PowerBi on-prem

Hello All, As you may or may not know the cloud has had PowerBi for a while now and it has been a great success at data visualization creating powerful dashboards and helping people make informed decisions every day. And now we have PowerBi moving on-prem with the PowerBi Report Server your users will be…


SPO Tidbit – Predictive Indexing and what does that mean

Hello All, This feature has been rolled out to all production tenants, on the road map the feature description is: Over the coming months, we will be phasing in automatic indexing and performance optimization to improve performance of large lists and reduce or eliminate problems in large scale lists. But what does that really mean?…


SPO Tidbits – Responsive design and SPO

Hello All, While presenting an End user workshop I was asked about Responsive Design and SharePoint Online. As I researched this more I discovered how it is already in use at Microsoft and I did not even realize it.  I also came to realize that it is built into our O365 Theme already, you can…


Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays

No matter what you celebrate I hope this is a joyous season for you, spent with friends and family. Merry Christmas Pax


Azure Tidbit – Information dump on Flow and PowerApps

Hello All, As mentioned the integration for Flow and PowerApps is coming to SPO shortly, so here is some information to help you dive in First flow is a service to help you automate business process between your favorite apps and this includes SharePoint Online there are many prebuilt templates that you can take advantage…