Do not delete the SharePoint Blog Tools Web Part

You are creating a SharePoint blog and initially customize it, in order to meet your requirements in terms of design, layout, etc.
Please be aware, that you should never remove the Blog Tools Web Part from the pages within your site. Once the Blog Tools Web Part is missing, all links to blog posts and category filters are instantly broken. The pages need it in order to work properly.

Never delete the Blog Tools Web Part

How to hide the Web Part properly?

So what should you do, if you need to remove it anyway? Minimize it! Sounds easy. It is easy:

  1. Put your page in edit mode and change settings of the Web Part:


  2. Change the Chrome State:


    Set the Chrome State of the Web Part from Normal to Minimized

This approach keeps the Web Part on the page (requirement for the blog to work properly), but yet it is not visible for blog readers any longer.

How to fix your blog, if it is broken

So what should you do, in case you just deleted the Blog Tools Web Part?

  • SharePoint 2013/2016: Add the Web Part from the Web Part gallery
  • SharePoint 2010: Restore a recent site backup. The Blog Tool is usually not present in the Web Part gallery.

Comments (6)

  1. Bryan Waldrop says:

    Does the visibility of these tools vary with permission level. Does “create a post” remain visible for those with contribute access while the other admin functions disappear?

    1. Hi Bryan,
      your question is indeed a very good one – thanks for asking!,
      This is how site permissions are reflected :

      1. Site Owners/Administrators have access to all webpart features
      2. Site Members (with contribute permissions) can add and manage posts/comments/categories
      3. Site Visitors won’t see the webpart at all

  2. Poova says:

    Good day Chris, Really awesome and detailed article/feedback. I have come across something similar where the client migrated from 2010-2013 and the blog tools worked. But when they upgraded to 2016 the Blog Tools gives and error on the page.

  3. Arun says:

    Hey Guys,

    Even if it’s deleted or removed, you can export the web part from another SP blog site and import to web part gallery to the required site. you can see in web parts lists of ribbon when you click “Add web part”, you can add it back.

    1. Good remark Arun, thank you for sharing!

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