Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2.2.0 Mail Merge Comparison

I was reading Hugh’s post and the comments around whether open source software meets shareholder and CEO needs, I love the cartoon that goes with it. George Ou has some interesting stats in this area too. It’s a serious debate and as well as shareholders and CEO’s, there is a need to consider whether or…


Profile Your Office System Solution!

If, as a Microsoft Partner, you are currently building a solution that uses Open XML, then we want to make sure that everyone knows about it, worldwide! Several United Kingdom based Microsoft Gold Certified Partners have already taken the opportunity to profile the great work being done with the Microsoft Office 2007 System using Open…


Get Open Office for Free with Java RunTime Update!

A novel new update from Sun… Free OpenOffice with every Java RunTime update… Before you’re tempted to install this, maybe consider the following…   Read this for a business perspective which can help understand the “productivity software” claims, for sure a contradiction in terms!!! Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2.2.0 Mail Merge Comparison “I…


The Danger of Blogging on Behalf of Your Company

Another gem from the bLaugh team about the dangers of business blogging… True? A few of the people commenting say that it happened to them! Ciao for now 🙂


Product Demonstration Resource for ALL Microsoft Partners!!!

The Microsoft Partner Demo Showcase download has been extended to include Deep Dive/Product virtual environments which are available to ALL Microsoft partners, including SBSC. Only Demo Showcase remains as the Gold/Cert benefit moving forwards… The following are now available globally for immediate download: 2007 Microsoft Office System 47 Hands-on Labs 25 demonstrations Microsoft Forefront and…


The Demo Showcase & Communication

The moment I wake up, before I turn on my laptop, I make a little call or two… And, chances are I will get through to someone’s voicemail…at this point, I have a few options: Leave a voicemail (which I don’t know when they will get) Send an Email (which I don’t know when they…


Simpsonize Yourself!!!

You absolutely completely and utterly have to!!! So, to create your own persona that could be ready to appear in The Simpsons head to For my own personal enjoyment, this is me, outside the Kwik-E-Mart..! Ciao for Now 🙂


The Demo Showcase & Office 2007 Launch (Part 2)

There’s another fantastic scenario contained with the Demo Showcase which expertly shows off the amazing conditional formatting and newly designed table capabilities of Microsoft Excel 2007. In the scenario, we assume the character of Patricia Doyle, a Sales Manager with Contoso.  Maybe the silicon chip inside her head is switched to overload (but) she don’t like downtime.  So,…


Which Superhero Are You?

I blame John Westworth for this… Your results: You are The Flash Fast, athletic and flirtatious. The Flash 75% Iron Man 60% Spider-Man 45% Batman 45% Green Lantern 45% Superman 40% Wonder Woman 40% Hulk 40% Supergirl 35% Robin 35% Catwoman 10% Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz The picture on the site…


The Demo Showcase for UK Small Business Partners

Some great news for members of the Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) in the UK! The January edition of the Action Pack will be a special edition indeed, as SBSC members will each receive a copy of the Demo Showcase for the People Ready Business! I’ve had lots of great feedback from Small Business Partners who…