Internal Software Usage Rights for Microsoft Partners

If you're a Microsoft partner, from 1st November 2010, the internal usage licensing rights for Microsoft software were updated to take into account the new competency model for the Microsoft Partner Network.

If you need an update on how this affects your organisation, the first thing to download should be the Software Licensing Overview for Silver and Gold Partners which contains the full list of licenses granted for internal use rights based on initially gaining a Silver or Gold competency. This document also contains the absolute maximum number of licence grants available (at country level) for each Microsoft software product.

Upon reviewing this document, it will become clear that there have been specific changes regarding demonstration use licenses (unlimited for the listed products) and training use licenses (the amount varies per product listed) as well as the way in which Silver and Gold competency accreditation make product licenses (by type and number) available for internal use.

By qualifying an office location linked to a partner headquarters (when it attains either a Silver or Gold competency specific to that location) through the Microsoft Partner Network, a partner may obtain a set of core internal use license rights.  Each Silver or Gold competency then grants additional rights to licenses potentially up to the defined maximum.

If you want a simple way of finding out the exact amount of licenses available to your organisation based on Silver/Gold competencies held, the Internal Use Rights Licensing Calculator provides an effective method by enabling you to quickly select each competency and Gold/Silver level before producing a report totalling the exact products and number of licences and licence types available.

This sample shows the initial report for a partner who holds the Silver Systems Management and Gold Virtualization competency.


It’s quite a long list when you look at it, way too much to fit on this screenshot!

Finally, international based partners can find details of the worldwide additions and limitations on the Internal-Use Licenses tab at the page of the Core Software Licensing for Partners with Silver or Gold Competencies section of the Microsoft Partner Network website and Partners without a Silver/Gold competency but Subscription based access can find details on the Microsoft Partner Subscription Offerings page.

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