Windows Azure Platform & Scrabble

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I’m convinced that I use phrases and therefore put them into everyday use more and more when I’m reading, learning and getting into something new.  When it comes to getting started in a meeting right now I have a tendency to ask whether everyone is all in before I start, for example “Are we all in? Let’s begin.”

I also noticed this playing Scrabble the other evening (to help entertain others while I watch the football before you comment!)  The two words in the picture below were both mine.


Here’s a breakdown of what’s what with Azure:

Windows Azure: operating system as an online service
Microsoft SQL Azure: fully relational cloud database solution
Windows Azure platform AppFabric: connects cloud services and on-premises applications
Microsoft Codename “Dallas”: information marketplace for data and web services

As for pilau, no prizes for guessing what had been on the dinner menu that evening!

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