Need to Navigate Microsoft?

Microsoft is a big company.  Actually, Microsoft is a huge company!  And one of the most common pieces of feedback I receive from partners and customers is that it's often hard to navigate Microsoft, to keep up with all of the changes and associated information disclosures etc.  My response is generally along the lines of empathy, indeed ask anyone who works for Microsoft and you'll probably get that empathy from them too 🙂

Fortunately, Directions on Microsoft, an independent organisation dedicated exclusively to tracking Microsoft is on hand to help everyone see the bigger picture more clearly...

You can find some sample articles here including historical organisational charts and product roadmap information.  My personal current favourite (published July 2008) is the Software Plus Services and Developers article.  If every little helps, this could be of value...

Ciao for now 🙂

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  1. Nigel Postings says:

    as well as navigating Microsoft you can now navigate sales resources, whether you are selling to Small Business or Enterprise, take a look.  . Also Gear Up is now on line on front page, gives all the value propositions for all products. Also found in the Enhance Your Process/Solutions/Close

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