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Many readers of this blog may be aware that Microsoft called for the standardisation of Open XML via ECMA International and this was approved as open standard in December 2006.

Of the 21 members to vote, IBM were the only objection to the approval. Again, this was the case when ECMA agreed to submit Open XML as a standard for ratification by ISO. Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of ISO members chose not to submit comments, during the one-month period for consideration of Open XML in ISO, IBM globally campaigned that Open XML was not even considered. (NB. Notes does not support Open XML.)

If you believe that Open XML provides choice for customers and partners worldwide, and that Microsoft have finally listened to their customers needs by opening up the pre-2003 binary document formats, and you think that this should be standardised, why not sign the petition?

If you would like to understand more about the comparison of OpenDocument and Office Open XML formats prior to signing this partition you could refer to this, balanced Wikipedia article.  For more information about developing with Open XML, head on over to

Chris Parkes

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  1. Chai Ang says:

    May be relevant.

    <a href="">Blog </a> congratulating the ECMA approval process.

    And the <a href"">scope</a&gt;  of ECMA.


    The goal of the Technical Committee is to produce a formal standard for office productivity applications within the Ecma International standards process which is fully compatible with the [Microsoft] Office Open XML Formats.


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