The Arcade Machine Fire

I went with the Mellow Marsh Man to see Arcade Fire at Brixton Academy last night (it was his birthday don't you know 🙂  Steve's a good bloke, great conversation and into his music in a big way. On the tube back our discussion turned to blogging and the associated effort it needs if it is to be successful long term as part of an overall marketing strategy/communications platform.

Now, when I explained to Steve the that I personally take a much more light hearted approach to blogging as indicated by the spoof song lyrics in my post he replied "What spoof song lyrics?"  Oh come on!!! I've been trying my best for a long time and quite a few people have picked up on this...  The first one was a dead giveaway, I even told you dear reader who the artist and song was..!

It then started to get a little more interesting with only a few clues here and there...does anyone out there notice these things or should I just give up right now?!?  Well, I've got news for you folks, we can build this dream together, I could write this stuff forever nothings gonna stop me now!  And if this world runs out of bloggers, we'll still have each other, nothings gonna stop us, nothings gonna stop us now...

So, especially for Steve Marsh, here's a recap on the rest of the spoof lyrics so far...more to follow later, that's a promise!!!

If I didn't know I was mad I'd be starting to question my own sanity right about now (the funk soul brother :p)

Ciao for now 🙂

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