The Demo Showcase & Office 2007 Launch (Part 1)

One of the great things about the Demo Showcase is the Office 2007 content it contains.  One of the scenarios let's you assume the role of Julia, the HR Manager at Contoso who needs to publish a HR newsletter on a regular basis.  Now, to me, Julia looks more like someone who spends hours and hours in front of the mirror rather than in the Office.  How does she manage to find time for this?  Easy, she's obviously switched to the 2007 Microsoft Office System (now with workflow!)

Claire - HR Manager Gallery

In this example, Julia uses the new functionality included in the Ribbon to quickly format a plain looking document and transform it into a HR letter (this obviously then leaves plenty of time to later transform herself into the model pictured above!) She also uses the drop down gallery feature to insert and format graphics that need to be included.


So, the scenario shows how transforming such a bland looking document (pictured left) into the rather swanky looking newsletter (pictured right) is an extremely simple, few click process.

Plain Text Document Word 2007 Markup

Give it a go if you need to know how...

So this is how it feels to leave early, this is how it feels to us all, this is how it feels when your work takes you no time at all.

Ciao for now 🙂

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