The EVOlution Tour…Day 3, Birmingham Odeon

We decided to skip the breakfast this morning, what with last night's curry still fresh in the memory, so no idea who got out of bed first!  On for day 3 of the Business EVOlution Tour 2006!

Everyone piled on the tour bus in time for 7:30 (again) Birmingham Odeon we went to setup...

Today's host was Ben Tamblyn backed up by Steve Marsh and some dude called Chris Parkes. 

Act 2 of the tour focuses on 'Time to Get Personal', a detailed tour of some of the fantastic new capabilities of the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Exchange 2007.  Starting with Word and some of the new user interface enhancements, an in depth look at Excel with conditional formatting and PowerPoint through the use of SmartArt leads nicely into Outlook and Exchange 2007 working in tandem and voice activated email and calendar need to see this in action! 

If you haven't yet registered and want to attend, have a look here to find a venue near you soon.

Ciao for now 🙂

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