The EVOlution Tour…Day 2, London Kensington Odeon

Surprisingly, I was second up today, my roommate Steve Marsh ding the honours and allowing me an extra ten minutes in bed by taking to the shower first... On for day 2 of the Business EVOlution Tour 2006!

Everyone piled on the tour bus in time for 7:30, my phone call to the recent recruits from the Microsoft graduate programme, James Senior and Matt McSpirit at 6:50 reminding them to be there for 7:00 was well worth it for the laugh 🙂 Welcome to the new world of work!

Off to the London Kensington Odeon we went to setup

Today's host was Steve Clayton backed up by James Akrigg and Matt McSpirit. 

Act 1 of the tour focuses on 'Changes', a whistle stop tour of some of the fantastic new capabilities of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office System.  From Superfetch which can help speed up application launches based on daily/weekly learnings from user selection of applications chosen on startup, through the new Start Menu enhancements incorporating pervasive search capabilities onto ReadyDrive, Windows Aero, the Office Ribbon and Minibar back to Windows Vista graphics capabilities and DirectX 10, finishing with Search Explorer covering filters, live preview, advanced search and saved searches...phew!  So, eleven down, only another nine to go and with time running short, the Vista games do nicely..!

The second and third acts went down a treat also, maybe another preview tomorrow.  If you haven't yet registered and want to attend, have a look here to find a venue near you soon.

Look forward to seeing you there...Ciao for now 🙂

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