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One of the more frequent headaches faced by companies in today's marketplace is how do they keep their intellectual property and/or confidential documents within their organisation's.  Leaks can be costly and in addition to this, the possibility of staff moving on is also a potential source of information seepage and maybe even data theft.

To help address such issues, Microsoft has a technology known as Windows Rights Management Services which works in conjunction with Microsoft Office System 2003 (also 2007 🙂 and this can be invaluable when it comes to helping secure and protect and finding, using and sharing information.  The following scenario is provided by the Demo Showcase for the People Ready Business.

The accountant at Contoso is automatically notified via email of a new SharePoint Portal Server 2003 (SPS) site for a project and that the CEO has changed the business plan for the fiscal year. The business plan is confidential and protected through Information Rights Management (IRM).

Find Use Share information 01

Find Use Share information 02

Since the accountant has appropriate access rights, she is able to open the document, check it out from the document library, modify some information and check it back in.

Find Use Share Information 03

A new document version is automatically created by SharePoint. Also covered is the document archiving process which needs to be carried out in accordance with legal regulations. Documents are archived automatically, and can be found and retrieved very quickly using SPS integrated Full Text Search.

There are three other such scenarios included in the Demo Showcase to show how you can help safeguard digital information from unauthorised use.

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