The Demo Showcase & Small Business & The Stone Roses

I was listening to The Stone Roses the other night, they were a four piece band that originated from Madchester in the mid eighties.  The vocals were sung by lan Brown and occasionally guitarist John Squire. Completing the quintet were Pete Garner on bass and Reni on drums.

John Squire also did all of the artwork for the bands releases.  In particular I love the track titled "I Am The Resurrection"

Now, specifically, the Demo Showcase for Small Business is also comprised of four pieces:

  • Financial Management
  • First Server Right Server
  • Mobility
  • Sales and Marketing

Demo Showcase Filtered by Small Business

In total, we have ten scenarios, let's face it, if these were tracks we'd have enough for an album right?  And so, for each of these, we then have multiple scenarios.

Take Financial Management for instance, the two scenario's here deal with rapid sales growth, paper records, bad debtors, and the understanding of how technology and process automation can help address such issues.  Then, with Sales and Marketing, opportunity management, service scheduling and campaign management all get the treatment.  For First server, Right Server, we deal with Small Business Server but what's my point here?

Well, each of these are solo, they are individuals, not part of a band at all.  If we start putting them together, the music we can make is bound to sound a whole lot sweeter, wouldn't you agree?

Demo Showcase Filtered by Small Business First Server, Right Server including Mobility

For example, a First Server, Right Server including Mobility scenario could go something like this...

Stan Orme, the business owner needs to get some financial information from his accountant Debra Garcia. He does this through opening a secure connection to Outlook Web Access whilst traveling. He schedules a meeting and later on uses his new PocketPC phone to check email finding that Debra has proposed a new meeting time. When her returns to the office the next day, Stan is taken to the Contoso Intranet where he is authenticated and updates the meeting with Debra.

I'm hopeful that you're getting the picture here, when we join the campaigns together, the scenario's become more concise and the opportunities to sell are far clearer.

Finally, let's head back to "I Am The Resurrection" - Anyone familiar with the tune?  I tired to think of a way to make this also fit into the demo showcase so here goes my best shot...  I definitely apologise in advance for this one :p

I am the Demo Showcase and I have the right, to help you sell solutions and to drive business insi-iiiii-iiight...

Ciao for now 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went with the Mellow Marsh Man to see Arcade Fire at Brixton Academy last night (it was his birthday

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chris, who I previously mentioned the other day, has been up to his old tricks. Not only does he think

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