The Demo Showcase Line Up

I played football at the weekend (that's possibly known as soccer to any non UK folk listening - hey, what do we know, we only invented the beautiful game! 😉

I play for a Sunday League side, nothing serious, that's run from a local pub called The Holden Bridge Hotel.  The team played really well, and we stuck to a rigid 4-4-2 formation throughout.

I don't truly understand the way my brain works and so have no idea why I decided to relate this to the Demo Showcase, but, any good team is always role based so I thought I'd use this as an analogy to introduce you to the Customer Roles we currently have residing in the newest and best People Ready Business sales tool...

  • In goal, (1) Bookkeeper
  • Right back (2) Information Technology Services
  • Left Back (3) Office (player) Manager
  • Centre Half (5) Human Resources
  • Centre Half (6) Finance
  • Right Midfield (7) Marketing
  • Left Midfield (11) Service Technician
  • Centre Midfield (4) Operations
  • Centre Midfield (8) Sales
  • Centre Forward (9) Chief Executive Officer
  • Centre Forward (10) Small Business Owner

As you can see, there's a pretty solid back line there, the Bookkeeper has a great safe pair of hands and patrolling the back four, really underpinning the teams' success we have IT Services, the Office (player) Manager, HR and Finance.  Keeping the side running in midfield, Sales, Marketing and Operations line up alongside the Service Technician.  Then, pushing the team forwards, up front we have the CEO and the Small Business Owner looking to create and take as many opportunities that the midfield can provide whilst also trying to make and take their own chances either solo or by working in partnership...

Finally, for anyone interested, I bagged the first and the third then set up two more in a 6-0 away win in our final pre-season friendly... Season starts next week, might keep you all up to date on the results as we go along...

Ciao for now 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully, you are all aware of the Demo Showcase team line up – if not, you can review my earlier post…

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