Last Chance to Register for the Bellevue and Portland Windows Azure IT Camps – Free Hands on Azure training!


Here is a little snapshot of what we will be doing at the IT Camps in Bellevue and Portland (as well as other cities around the US).


Hands-on Lab: Build a SharePoint Dev/Test Farm in the Cloud using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

· Get Started with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

· Register a DNS Server in Windows Azure

· Define a Virtual Network in Windows Azure

· Configure Windows Server Active Directory in a Windows Azure VM

· Configure SQL Server 2012 in a Windows Azure VM

· Configure SharePoint Server 2013 in a Windows Azure VM

· Challenge Exercise: Scripted Provisioning with Windows PowerShell


DO NOT feel intimidated by this!  Even if you have never worked with Azure, SQL, SharePoint or anything else listed above, we will be walking you through the process to ensure you understand the key concepts for Azure IaaS. At the end of the day, you will walk out with a functional SharePoint Farm running in Windows Azure (and I have to say this….not for production use….only test and development)


Take the day off from work (I will write you a note) and come learn some Azure!



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