VMware or Microsoft–Shopping for Private Clouds

Shopping for Private Clouds? Try the Microsoft Private Cloud Eval Kit!

Keith Mayer delivers the most recent post in our VMware or Microsoft series. In Keith’s posting he discusses some interesting results of speaking to an active IT Pro who was evaluating the cost of running a private cloud on different cloud platforms. You might think that VMware, with the level acceptance it has in the industry, to be the price point leader. The results will surprise you! Here is an excerpt…..


“At a recent community event, I met “Scott”, a savvy IT Pro who was in the process of planning the architecture for a new datacenter location at his company.  Scott is an experienced datacenter engineer who manages several other virtualized datacenters.  Although he is currently running VMware for the hypervisor platform in his existing datacenters, he was intrigued by Windows Server 2012 and the free Hyper-V Server 2012 enterprise-grade bare-metal hypervisor, primarily because he had been hearing good things about Hyper-V from peers who had been evaluating Microsoft Private Cloud in their organizations.

Some surprising results …

So, Scott decided to go on a “shopping trip” to explore what would be involved with implementing the Private Cloud solution he was looking for in his next datacenter. What Scott found really surprised him in terms of capabilities and dramatic cost differences when leveraging Microsoft Private Cloud vs the related VMware offerings. Read on to learn about Scott’s findings … you may be shocked too!

This article provides a summary of Scott’s interesting journey and reports on his findings from his research on implementing Private Clouds using Microsoft Private Cloud vs VMware vSphere, vCenter and vCloud offerings.”

See the rest of the full article here!


VMware or Microsoft – Shopping for Private Clouds


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