VMware or Microsoft? Protect Private Clouds with Site-to-Site Failover using Hyper-V Replica and Windows Azure HRM

The US Developer & Platform Evangelism team continues their VMware or Microsoft series with today’s post by Keith Mayer.  Here is a sample –   Last week, Brad Anderson, CVP for Windows Server and System Center, announced Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager (HRM) as a Cloud-integrated Disaster Recovery solution on his In the Cloud blog. …


VMware or Microsoft: Protecting VM’s – Agents or Agentless?

“When it comes to protecting VM’s, treat your virtual machines exactly like you do your physical machines” This is a message I was communicating to IT Pros 10 years ago when we first released Microsoft Virtual PC. At the time, virtualization was a new concept to many IT departments. Security and backup/recoverability are always a…


VMware or Microsoft? FREE Orchestrated Patch Management for Continuous Availability with Hyper-V Server 2012

In our on-going series on VMware or Microsoft, my co-worker, Keith Mayer dives deeper into the questions of patch management. I first discussed this at the hypervisor level in my post – VMware or Microsoft: Simplified Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Host Patching = Greater Security and More Uptime. In Keith’s blog post, he delves deeper…


VMware or Microsoft? Let’s Talk Certifications!

  My co-worker, Matter Hester, is VCP Certified. Most of my peers that are a part of out VMware or Microsoft series are also VCP certified. In the next few weeks I will be taking my VCP Exam as well. Why? As a “Technology Evangelist” it is important that I know not only my own…


VMware or Microsoft: When it comes to hypervisors does size really matter?

    The Hyper-V vs. vSphere Hypervisor Footprint War Continues   When it comes to hypervisors does size really matter?  In the ongoing “footprint war” between Hyper-V 2012 and vShpere ESXi 5.1, the key is to be smaller, smaller attack surface that is.  However, both Microsoft and VMware both claim to have a smaller attack…


VMware or Microsoft? Reducing VMware Storage Costs WITH Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces

In today’s article on our “VMWare or Microsoft?” Blog Series, my peer, Keith Mayer, discusses a key benefit of Windows Server 2012 in VMware shops, even if not immediately migrating to Hyper-V: Reducing storage costs with Storage Spaces and the new NFS Server role service.  Storage is a big pain-point in most, if not all,…


Day 4 of Learning PowerShell 3.0 in a Month of Lunches

I posted about getting more in depth with PowerShell a couple weeks ago. I am using the excellent book by Don Jones and Jeffrey Hicks “Learning PowerShell 3.0 In A Month Of Lunches” Day 4 – Commands: Formatting, Parameters and lots of typing! Day 4 starts off with learning the basic formatting of PowerShell commands….


VMware or Microsoft: Simplified Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 Host Patching = Greater Security and More Uptime

  Many IT Pros still don’t know that Microsoft offers a bare metal hypervisor. Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 installs directly on your hardware with a very minimal set of Windows Server components to optimize the virtualization environment. This Hyper-V platform eliminates many of the common Windows Server infrastructure features such as Active Directory, DNS, IIS,…


VMware or Microsoft?– What is a “Purpose-Built Hypervisor”?

My fellow IT Evangelist, Kevin Remde just posted the first in a series of “VMware or Microsoft” posts. This is a series of blog posts that lend some perspective to claims on the VMware side and raise awareness of what Microsoft Hyper-V is capable of. I am of course a Microsoft employee which means no…