Windows 8–When Start means Stop….

This week I was working on a blog post where I thought once and for all I could dispel all of the hullabaloo over the “missing” Windows 8 Start button. The post was a written version of my 5 minute pitch to anyone that complains about not having a Start button and how it prevents them from being productive. I can usually convince naysayers in about 5 minutes that the Start screen is just as east to use if not more so than having a little button to click on. There really isn’t anything the old Start button gave us except for the button itself. We can accomplish all of the same goals as quickly or (in my opinion) even faster or better with Start screen and other Windows 8 features.

I was just about to post this morning when Twitter informed me of a post by Ed Bott over at ZDNet. He sums up my thoughts around the “missing” Start button perfectly. He essentially says exactly what I tell people – It is only the button that is missing, not the functionality.

Check out Ed’s Post here!






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