I am live streaming today!

Once every 4 years, we get an extra day in February. I have always found the hoopla around that extra day to be a bit humorous. Some people make a big deal out of it. For many others it just goes by completely unnoticed. I expect it is just another day to most except those that were born on February 29th and those that get paid on the last day of the month.

I was thinking about the extra day last night and thought “Maybe I should just do something interesting since I won’t get that day back for another 4 years”.

I thought that would be a great day to kick off live streaming.

It is going to be a low key affair. I don’t have a formal plan. I am just going to stream and take questions via email and twitter and comments on this blog post. You are even welcome to call me. If I can figure out on the fly how to stream your audio, we will take questions live.

If no questions come in then you will get the privilege of watching me do work - email, tweeting, reading tech news, loading a certain operating system that might come out today, and complaining about my toothache.

Oh…since the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is live, I will also be downloading and installing it during the day.

How to join the conversation – Send Questions to -

Twitter - @chrisavis

email – chris.avis@microsoft.com

phone – 425-705-8506

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Comments (4)

  1. Bob C. says:

    I will leap at the chance for some live streaming 🙂

  2. Bill Gates says:

    Go to the store, get Oil of Clove and put it on your tooth…

    It will stop the pain instantly.

  3. Fred G. says:

    No, I thought the open door behind you was a closet…  You're sitting in front of the mirror

  4. Fred G says:

    Your camera is pointed everywhere EXCEPT where it needs to be…. your laptop is out of the pic, you are out of the pic and all we see is your room with an arm reaching across every once in a while….

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