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I just stumbled on this site last week while I was on vacation. It looks like Tom Shinder, long time Microsoft MVP and now Principal Knowledge Engineer with Microsoft (he is also the man behind the site!), published the first draft of this back in July of 2011. I read through this information and think it should be required reading for anyone implementing or involved with Private Clouds. Since it is a Wiki, you have the opportunity to contribute!

From the site…..

“The Reference Architecture for Private Cloud wiki site on TechNet is driven by the SCD iX Solutions Group. It is a joint effort with the private cloud community at large. This document set is designed to facilitate an organization’s transformation to private cloud as a service delivery enabling set of processes and technologies. Business decision-makers, technical decision-makers, IT architects and IT Pros interested in private cloud should use relevant documents in this collection to understand the transformation to private cloud in terms of business drivers, potential architectural approaches, and impact on key aspects of IT.”

You can take part in the Wiki at this link – Reference Architecture for Private Cloud

Complete List of Reference Architecture for Private Cloud Documents:
Overview of Private Cloud Architecture
Private Cloud Technical Overview
What is Infrastructure as a Service?
Private Cloud Reference Model
Private Cloud Principles, Patterns and Concepts
Private Cloud Planning Guide for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Private Cloud Planning Guide for Service Delivery
Private Cloud Planning Guide for Operations
Private Cloud Planning Guide for Systems Management
Cloud Computing Security Architecture
A Solution for Private Cloud Security



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  1. Hoskinator says:

    excellent link to the wiki site, thanks

  2. Chris E. Avis says:

    You bet!  let me know if there is anything else i can assist with!

  3. Anil_Erduran says:

    Thanks for great links.

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