Building an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Using Windows Server 8….

With the run up to the beta of Windows 8, I am fielding a LOT of questions on the Windows 8 Server and Clients. My standard answers have been –

Keep an eye on the Building Windows 8 Blog!

Mostly because that is the first place that official Windows 8 information get posted, but also because there isn’t a whole of of other information being released. But I did just stumble on a paper that provides some information on Windows Server 8 and Infrastructure as a Service. Since this a key piece to building Private Clouds, I am linking to the information here. Keep in mind that this is a high-level overview. It does not walk through the steps to implement IaaS. It simply talks to some of the features in Windows Server 8 that are planned and will be key to implementing IaaS and Private Clouds. See more below….


This paper provides guidelines for building private and public clouds by using the next version of Windows Server (code-named Windows Server 8). It provides an overview of the common problems that partners and IT professionals currently face, and describes solutions for cloud-based data centers. This paper also describes the various technologies that are built into Windows Server 8 to enable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) functionality of cloud-based data centers.

This information applies for the following operating systems:
Windows Server 8

Included in this white paper:

Overview of Cloud Services
Windows Server 8: Designed for the Cloud
The Multi-Tenant Cloud
The Highly Scalable, Low-Cost Data Center
Managing and Extending the Data Center
Migration Path

Download the paper here!



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