MCT presentation on Cloud Computing

Thank you to everyone that stuck around for the presentation Private Clouds that I delivered to MCT’s last Thursday.  Mother Nature was not very kind to us that day and is continuing to cause problems in my area. The power outage I suffered at my house lasted the remainder of the day and my wife and I ended up staying at a hotel the next two nights because we had no heat.

I mentioned on the presentation that I would record some demos to post here to my blog. I had hoped to have those ready for this week, but I will not be able to get anything posted until next week. With the power down and the cleanup here on my property, I have not been able to record the demos yet. I will get the demos recorded this next weekend and have them posted within a few days.

To give you an idea of what happened at my house, here are a few photos.

This is a picture I took a two days before the webcast.



Almost the same angle but with a tree down across the hot tub


That was one of four large trees that actually came down across my property. This one also broke a gas line on my property. In all, we are removing more than a dozen trees that were severely damaged by the heavy ice and snow. This next pic is of the large tree that came down in our backyard.


Finally, I have received the feedback and comments from the session and I appreciate the understanding many of you showed in the comments. However, I would like to address one comment that was made.

“Presenter wasn't prepared for connection loss. Also reflects poorly on the ability of MS infrastructure solutions to stay up when needed”

This was not a Microsoft infrastructure issue. This was a regional power outage that impacted many 10’s of thousands of people. Some of which were without power for 5 days. Since I was essentially snowed in, it was not even an option for me to go to the Microsoft campus to deliver the webcast that day. I do sincerely apologize for the issues that arose but I hope people understand that when it comes to dealing with mother nature, we are at the mercy of what mood she is in that day.



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