April 1st is coming…… be ready!

Kind of a weird title for a tech blog post…..

I spoke at my Windows Networking User Group this past Wednesday evening on Building Private Clouds using Microsoft Technologies. The presentation went well and seemed to be well received. From my position in front of the group, there seemed to be nothing amiss at all.

When I got home around 9pm, my wife and I were standing in the kitchen catching up on each other’s days when she just started laughing. I had not said anything particularly humorous so I was a little perplexed. It also turned out to be one of those laughs where you can’t really talk because you are laughing so hard and can’t catch your breathe right to get an intelligible sentence out. When she finally stopped laughing she asked me how my presentation went and then “Why didn’t you pull it off when they told you????”. I had absolutely no idea what she was even talking about and this sent her into another blubbering fit of laughter.

Then she pointed under my arm…..




So……to those of you who gleefully sat through an hour and a half of me presenting to you – AND SAID NOTHING AT ALL - (and I KNOW you saw that tag)……be forewarned…..





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  1. jweston says:

    you can take the shirt back now!

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